Worship Diversity

When most people were still asleep on Sunday morning, I eagerly arrived for rehearsal with our Saint James contemporary worship band. The rehearsal went well despite the early morning rise and the service was absolutely soul-stirring. The Holy Spirit engaged both band and worshipers as we recapitulated while in unison; we all praised God! And if that… Continue reading Worship Diversity

Preparing Our Children

This past Sunday was my daughters last Sunday in the GAP building. I have been totally blown away by the volunteer Sunday School teachers she has had whilst there. The same teachers also taught my eldest daughter; that’s true commitment! Every Sunday, our 4th and 5th graders, not quite ready for the Youth, but old enough that they need… Continue reading Preparing Our Children

Forever Changed

On a recent Mystery Trip to New York City, Deep Impact students had the opportunity to share their faith on the streets. Rachel, a mother who attended, shares how the trip affected her: Prior to the Mystery Trip I had never prayed in front of anyone other than my immediate family members. When we set… Continue reading Forever Changed

Are we making a difference?

Tonight was a night I will never forget… The Children’s Ministry had the opportunity to receive two young foster kids into our ministry. This 7-year-old girl had a smile that would light up a room, yet her eyes revealed the pain, fear, and rejection of her circumstances. Her younger, 5-year-old brother, was even non-verbal due to some sort of… Continue reading Are we making a difference?